the Old Dynasty

The New Beginning
How Rider Met Jedi

As a Sith Juggernaut orbited the planet, secret plans between Sith Jedi and Slavers were made…

The four Jedi were only told they would each be sent on a mission to obtain their knighthood, as such they were sent to the Narcisis, a well known Republic spearhead under the command of Jedi Master Aries Rex. Upon arrival they were introduced to one another, Ren, Korack, Taska and Igliss the four padawans and the commandos who would serve beside them lead by Rick Rider.

Master Rex laid the plan out for the assembly, objectives were clear. Secure the hanger, disable the outer guns, locate and bring in the captain and if possible rescue the slaves. The information was provided to M.R. (Master Rex) by Master Gambit, the Jedi instructing Padawan Taska.

After the briefing M.R. called the group of 5 to his quarters. Inside M.R. expressed the importance of this mission and how if they completed it they would be elevated to knighthood. Rider was commanded to make sure none of the padawans died. After the padawans were dismissed Rider was further reprimanded for his attitude towards the Jedi, when Rider didn’t respond as M.R. demanded he received a firm drop kick to the chest before being dismissed.

Everyone regrouped at the hangar bay and were introduced to their vessel and Derrik, the mechanic in charge of their equipment, and the rest of Rider’s Eagle squad. Once on-board and settled Taska took the helm and took off, rocking everyone.

As the ship approached their attack vector the space opened up between the Republic and the slavers, turbo lasers burning through both crafts. With the cue given Taska rocketed towards the asteroid belt. She dove spiraled and rocked the craft voilently, dodge missiles, and laser fire, the members of Eagle were used to such rough actions while the other padawans were tossed and thrown around the cargo hold. Finally Taska crashed the craft into the hangar, spinning while letting the loose with the laser fire clearing the immediate area.

After a short skirmish Igliss and Taska moved away from the fire fights and began their other objectives, Korack, in a blood frenzy, was tearing through the pirate mercenaries while Eagle squad provided fire support. Ren began searching out the slaves emotions only to discover there were no slaves. It seemed some information had been invalid. As it began to calm Rick executed what remained of the pirates with two other members of Eagle.

Taska and John of Eagle squad made their way to the upper walk-ways to where the hangar guns were located. The droid in control proved to be far more difficult than expected, injurying the padawan and forcing John to sacrifice himself with a detonator, destroying the control room the droid and unfortunately himself.

Once the first objective was complete, Leak, the Twilek of Eagle and Ren separated acquiring information on the station as well as map schematics. Eagle squad and the padawans split up to complete the remaining objective. Eagle squad was tasked with taking out the outer guns while the Jedi and Rider made their way to the captain.

On the way to the captain, there was a small distraction caused by the combined adolescence of Ren’s pheromones and Taska’s horns causing erratic behavior and severe headaches. Once this was resolved the party was able to continue. Once they came to the fork Rider issued the Jedi to deal with the Captain while he blocked off the Barracks and took out the Generators. As he finished mining the barracks an HK unit appeared and the two began fighting.

The Jedi took the service elevator to the command center. Upon arriving the captain and all of his underlings immediately began firing at the four. Both Ren and Taska were hit and taken out of the fight. Igliss immediately took up a defensive position to protect the two fallen while Korack attacked with great ferocity at seeing his life long friend fall. Igliss managed to not only continued to keep up a defensive wall between the fallen and himself he also began to stabilize them.

Korack confronted the Captain in a stand-off, beginning an intense melee fighting. Claws and teeth bared both tore savagely into each other, blood and gore filling the room before Korack scored a crippling blow to the captains gut, plunging his claw through his innards and physically ripping his spine at the cost of the captain tearing the muscle off the bones of his arm. The captain died clutching Koracks throat in a last attempt to kill him before dieing.

With the captain dead what remained of the staff, immediately claimed Korack as their new leader. Igliss began focusing only on healing the wounded, as Rider disembarked from the elevator carrying a decapitated HK unit. As the party regrouped a new threat entered the command center in the form of 4 black robed Sith Jedi. Accompanying the sith were children, after a brief dialogue the Sith began sucking the life force from the children.

The party stood in stunned silence for but a moment before each paired off with a Sith and began the fight for their lives. Rick stood apart thinking of what he could do to assist when the forgotten HK unit began moving again. Each of the five were locked in combat. Korack fighting against the dark Twi’lek, Igliss attempting to find reason in his duel with the Human and his duel-saber, Ren attempting to woe the Miralukan with her pheromones, as Taska was dragged into the shadows of the force locked in an psychological fight for her sanity with the pure Sith jedi. Rick on the other hand ran from the HK knowing he couldn’t physically keep up a fight with him.

Korack was the first to fell his Sith counterpart, his physical prowess and animal ferocity proving to overcome the Twi’lek’s saber skills as he was viciously thrown down and his neck snapped. Igliss was the next to vanquish his foe, slicing through the duel-blade and in a surge of force severed his connection and control of the dark side causing the man to be destroyed by his own power.

Ren was locked in a true saber duel blows swinging back and forth. Her pheromones pouring from her in rolling waves trying to dissuade the miralukan from his actions. Finally when she seemed to have won through she lowered her guard, he proved to be false and knocked her to the ground holding her at point and if not for the random chance of Rider barreling into him she would not have gained the upper hand. In gaining the advantage the miralukan he knew he had lost and shared his life with her showing once he was a human jedi and was corrupted forcibly by the sith to the dark side and made into a facsimile of a Miralukan through torturous training before ending his own life with his saber. In the confusion of running into the Miralukan and Ren, Rider was able to lose the HKs targetting long enough to literally gain the high ground and with a leaping boot press, sent the HK to the bottom of the turbolift.

The Last fight that none saw showed Taska being confronted with a shadow of her master, as he attempted to seduce her over and over, through force of will she was able to see through the illusion knowing better and keeping for being overwhelmed by emotions. Finally after an eternity the pure sith’s illusions were shattered as she lashed out destroying the false master. As the Siths illusions crumbled and he was exposed she struck with her blade, ending his life.

As the fights ended the republic showed up, issuing quick commands and taking over the asteroid and sending the rest back to the Narcsis. Once back to the ship, Taska, Ren and Korack were summoned to M.R. chambers while Igliss was sent to his speak with his master and Rider and what remained of Eagle squad were left to the barracks.

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